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Anonymous: Without dropping the names "Mark E Mark" or "Vanilla Ice", can you actually give a legitimate reason why you 'hate white rappers'?

I have never heard a white person rap without sounding bitchy. they stumble over their words, their rhyming is half-assed, and they try much too hard to emphasize the point “hey Im white! I have problems too!” that they don’t sound like they’re even expressing anything except the fact that they’re agitated. I’m not saying that their raps suck. I actually have a lot of respect for them, no matter how mediocre I find them to be. I’m just saying they lack substance, as far as I know. all I hear is effort. whereas with other rappers they’re able to illustrate hardship and emotion without even trying.

that’s not saying that all non white rappers are great. I hate a lot of non white rappers. I hope all that makes sense I suck at describing myself

1 year ago | 06:58pm
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  1. xoxkitten said: nobodys got flow like eminem tho lets be real
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