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This is how a happy baby elephant looks like


Javier G. Pacheco

the thing that has been bothering me the most lately is that everyone around me thinks that they somehow are entitled to something
whether it be happiness, emotional stability, a relationship, or any kind of material object, people seem to believe that they earned what they have or deserve what they don’t

you are a human and you’re not entitled to anything. you don’t deserve anything but to be on this planet and play your part. we’re only entitled to our bodies, because that’s all we’re given

being human doesn’t make you special. we’re all technically animals but somehow taking THEIR bodies and lives by the millions is widely accepted - so why are our bodies more valuable, just because there’s no higher ranking organism to use us for nutrition? consciousness is just another survival skill, we’re not special

for other animals, it’s survival of the fittest. our job as organisms with conscious thought is to look around these barriers that animals have and coexist, be content, give, and balance with each other. we’re incapable of doing that because we think we’re so entitled to more and more and more of what we don’t have, that we look over what our intelligence really means in relation to all of earth’s collective life. 


frida kahlo

i completely forgot tumblr was a thing



Jodi Childs
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